TV Show Complaints

Frequently Asked Questions

Why on Earth would I waste my time requesting TV show complaints from the FCC?

What? Don't you want to know what Joe or Jane Six-Pack has to say about your favorite (or least favorite!) TV show? Check out some example complaints the FCC has received about popular shows. Now, having done that, can you really tell us you're not intrigued? Not even a little bit?

Besides, the Supreme Court is all set to hear arguments about TV show obscenity. Don't you think as a good citizen that you should do some research so as to have an informed opinion on the matter?

Can I ask for complaints about shows that you don't list on your menu?

Yes, absolutely! Just type the show name into the box provided, just to the right of the drop down menu.

Why are you asking me for my name, address, etc. and what do you with the data?

We are asking you the questions about your name, address, etc. simply so that we can create a letter that you can email or print and send to the FCC. We do not share this information with anyone. In fact, we don't even store it on disk -- the info is gone from our servers as soon as you've printed your letter.

What if I don't trust you with my personal data?

No problem. Just don't fill it in! Our web site will then generate request letters (or emails) that have blanks in all the right places. For emails, just fill in the information in the blanks and then email your request to the FCC. For letters, just print the letters out and fill in the blanks by hand on your paper copy (you do trust yourself to write down your info on your own piece of paper, don't you?) and you're all set.

If you go this route, please print legibly, so the hard-working people at the FCC will be able to read your handwriting and actually send you something.

What if I still don't trust you?

Huh. Well, we're kind of at a loss at that point, since if you leave everything blank on our web form it's not like you're trusting us with anything! But that's ok: if you don't want to use our site, just go to and work directly with them. We flatter ourselves to think that our site is a little easier to use, but hey, we've been there, we understand if you don't trust us.

What's up with this "$30 fee" business? Are you guys getting rich off this?

First, no, we're not getting rich. This site is free, and you never, ever have to pay us.

Second, the FCC is allowed by law to charge certain fees for Freedom of Information Act requests. However, they are obliged to provide a certain amount of free services to regular folks asking for records. Most of the time there won't be any charges. Even if there were tons of complaints, the fees are unlikely to go above $50 -- and you can set a cap on the maximum you're willing to pay.

Because of all this, your request letter must state some maximum amount you're willing to pay -- say $30. If your request costs more than this the FCC will contact you for permission before proceeding with your requests. Remember, do not send money with your request: the FCC will bill you if necessary.

Just who are you guys, anyway, and why are you doing this?

We're ordinary citizens, just like yourself. We believe in freedom of information (after all, government information belongs to we the people, last we checked), and we thought this site was a nice way to make that information more available.

How can I contact you?

You can send us email using the address shown to the right. We welcome your questions and comments! Image of email address

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